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About Mr. Hughes

  From the central highlands of South Vietnam to the courtrooms of South Louisiana and Mississippi, Dan Hughes has been fighting for justice for people and businesses.  From assuring the security of fellow soldiers during representation at special court martials as First Lieutenant and platoon leader to drafting contracts and insuring rights of businessmen and women through litigation in general, oil and gas, and business matters.  Dan has spent more than 40 years seeking fairness.

  After serving his country, Dan completed his studies at John Carroll University and Suffolk University and worked his way through law school at Tulane University to graduate near the top of his class in 1976.  Since then, for more than 32 years, he has practiced law in Lafayette, Louisiana and Jackson, Mississippi representing small to medium size oil and gas exploration companies, service companies, and small businesses.  Additionally, he has counseled individuals in estate planning and probate procedures.

  While Dan has a wide range of experience in the oil industry by examining complex oil and gas titles, drafting contracts designed to avoid problems rather than create them, he also has helped hundreds of individuals to help solve their difficulties.

  Having raised five children through college, Dan has been particularly concerned with the growing problems of our young people.  He rolled up his sleeves and gave his time and energy to these problems.  He served as 2 time chairman of the board of directors of Lafayette Juvenile and Young Adult Program, President of Love in the Name of Christ Inc.  All of these efforts were expanded on behalf of non-profit organizations to provide a new direction, protection from abuse, and care to children and youth.


If that sounds like your kind of lawyer, call Dan for a consultation to help you solve or avoid problems.


  • John Carroll University, Suffolk University
  • Juris Doctor Degree, Tulane University

Mr. Daniel C. Hughes